Baalveer 3 Release Date

Reasons of the closing of previous season:

Baalveer was a magic show whose 2 seasons have been launched.Due to low TRP, the show was closed by the producers. Moreover, the ranking of the show was also low.

Upcoming promo:

Now, on the demand of the public it has been announced that Baalveer season 3 is going to launch again. This news has been confirmed by many big news channels Sony Tv, Sab Tv.

Now, after the confirmation of the news people are eagerly waiting for the promo to be launched.

It is possible that soon the promo will be on air. What will be in the promo? It might be possible that the promo only contains the name of the show. It’ll be a 3D promo.

It may also reveal the characters.

Is Dev Joshi appearing again?

It may possible that he’ll not appear again. Because he died in the previous season. Reemergence of a person will not be good. Public will not enjoy it.

Anahita Bhooshan in season 3.

It has been confirmed by the sources that Anahita Bhooshan will be in the season 3.

At the end of season 2, Dabu fell in love with Anahita Bhooshan. Public also love to watch love stories.

Hoping so, she will be in this season also.

Location and episode date:

The location of the shooting has not been confirmed yet.

While talking about the 1st episode, it will be launched in December 2022 or January 2023.



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