Saudi football is attempting to prolong its current success.

At the moment, it’s hard to think about anything else in Saudi Arabian football other than Al-Nassr’s stunning acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo. When you go back a month, another winger named Salem Al-Dawsari was the name that everyone was talking about after his miracle goal gave the Green Falcons a famous victory over eventual World Cup champions Argentina. This was the only loss that La Albiceleste had since the 2019 Copa America.

Every Saudi football fan will remember this moment for a long time.

Not starting around 1994 and the mystical run of Saeed Al-Owairan has a Saudi Middle Eastern player an affected the worldwide stage. Al-Dawsari’s strike was so seismic that it will also be replayed for years and decades to come, and that sloppy run from Al-Owairan is still replayed almost 30 years later.

In any case, the significant inquiry confronting Saudi Arabia after the World Cup will be the way to guarantee it isn’t an additional 28 years before their next mysterious second.

With so much positive energy surrounding Saudi football, particularly in light of Ronaldo’s arrival in Riyadh, those in charge must use this opportunity to build long-term success rather than the boom-bust cycles we’ve seen in the past.

Saudi football must confront and overcome a number of obstacles to accomplish this.

Even though the signing of Ronaldo is significant, the players who move on are the most crucial for Saudi Arabia to truly advance as a football nation and a football team.

Europe will continue to be the center of all football in the world, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s where the best players work, and the rest of the world sends its best players there to grow.

That rule can no longer be broken by Saudi Arabia.

The ability of the players has never been being referred to, yet dissimilar to their North African neighbors, the readiness and want of the players to leave their home solaces is the thing is keeping them down.

Sami Al-Jaber was one of the uncommon ones who wandered west, while current striker Saleh Al-Shehri, who scored the balancer against Argentina, likewise had a concise spell in Portugal in his late youngsters. Then there was, of course, the haphazard agreement to send players to La Liga ahead of the 2018 World Cup, which never resulted in anything significant.

Even though the Saudi Pro League is excellent in the context of Asian football, the players will always reach a limit by remaining at home.

Saudi football participants privately acknowledge that this is necessary, but making it happen is a completely different challenge.

In 2021, Saudi Arabia’s coach Herve Renard told Arab News that he would like to see players play in Europe, but that it would be hard to do so.

He stated, “In this country, the future can be bright.”

“As I would see it, we need to improve to be more expert. Therefore, think about the players themselves and prepare them thoroughly, perhaps even better than some are currently doing. However, the potential is there.

“I was very impressed by the quality of the players, and I’m sure this country will achieve very good results in the future either with or without me.”

I am absolutely certain that the players are competent enough. If they are able to accomplish this, I believe it would be extremely beneficial, and I would love to see Saudi players play for a major European team one day.

“However, would you rather remain in Saudi Arabia with your family or leave your country? This is a culture, perhaps it will be hard interestingly it works out. You require expertise. You must expand your horizons; It’s a totally different way of life.

“I have to respect their choice if they prefer to remain in Saudi,” she said. “It would be nice for them.”

On the rear of their Reality Cup achievement, in spite of not making the Round of 16, and with Ronaldo currently playing in the country, there have never been more eyes on Saudi football which offers a fabulous stage for the players to grandstand their products.

Over the next few years, they have a tremendous opportunity.

They will return to Qatar in a year for the AFC Asian Cup, a tournament in which they will be among the favorites to win their first title in 28 years.

Looking a further three years ahead, they will have the Asian Cup, strikingly unexpectedly. Renard has an agreement through until that competition and that security will place them in an advantageous position.

It will be crucial for the next generation of talented Saudi players to succeed as a number of members of this generation age. Perhaps a portion of this generation is looking to take on Europe’s challenge.

Regardless of whether they do, Saudi Arabia’s great outcomes at late youth competitions in Asia gives justification for good faith around the creation of the crew for 2027, when periphery and arising players like Ayman Yahya, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi and Turki Al-Ammar — all MVPs at ongoing youth worldwide competitions — will be generally moving toward their heyday.

The future of Saudi football looks bright, almost as bright as a smile from Cristiano Ronaldo, with so many foundations in place.

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